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Fun and Sun in Fort Lauderdale
By Caitlin Moore

Broward County doesnít exactly have a sterling reputation when it comes to politics, but voting, candidate wars and matters of the state are the kinds of things that people forget about while on vacation. This means that in a pretty, party-filled pleasure land like Fort Lauderdale itís okay to get lost in the shuffle of leisure-seekers, and doing so is easy thanks to the bountiful diversions available here.

Fort Lauderdale resembles Venice, Italy in a sunny, American kind of way thanks to the canal system that characterizes the landscape. It also has a healthy does of energy thanks to all the beach-themed revelry, fine weather and nightclubs that appear around every corner. In other words, if a vacation of peace, quiet and solitude is what you seek, this isnít the place for you. Itís not exactly spring break city, either, but it is a destination that knows how to have a good time, day or night.

A couple dozen miles of breathtaking beach gives Fort Lauderdale the right to place itself among the holiday destination elite, especially when the promenades, palm trees, and pedestrian-friendly boardwalks are taken into account. Whether you jog, rollerblade, or walk barefoot, thereís a place that will allow fabulous views of the coastline Ė not to mention the other revelers who have come here in search of relaxation and relief.

Hollywood Beach is known for attracting a crowd, as self-styled entertainers often come here to give the public a free show. Pompano Beach is more family-oriented and also hosts annual fishing events thanks to its prize-winning waters. The treasures of the ocean are a big part of Fort Lauderdaleís identity, in fact, and piers and marinas can be found up and down the sandy stretches. By the way, these beaches are designated Blue Wave, meaning they are healthy, clean and swimmable.

Downtown Fort Lauderdale holds a whole other bevy of distractions and delights, including a Museum of Art, the Florida Grand Opera, the Museum of Science and Discovery, and Old Fort Lauderdale Village and Museum. Shopping, music, theatre and outdoor dining round out this hotbed of activities and tend to keep visitors stimulated at every moment. Eyes, ears, brains and taste buds will all be attended to during a visit to downtown. From the largest flea market in South Florida to Broadway shows, Fort Lauderdale delivers the goods.

Sports enthusiasts will be in heaven here, whether playing or watching there are games of all kinds to be appreciated. Of course there are tons of golf courses Ė this is Florida, after all. In addition to these standbys thereís also ice hockey, baseball training, tennis courts, Jai Alai and any number of professional events. Lots of sunshine and warm weather tends to make throwing, hitting, and kicking various objects the most fun and engaging thing possible, and even watching others do it is especially thrilling here. If a place could be designed to perfectly contain all things sports related, it would look exactly like Fort Lauderdale.

Located in that magical place known as the Everglades, an environment teeming with wildlife unknown to other parts of the country, this region has plenty of ways to take advantage of the vast natural offerings. Marshland eco-tours, kayaking, hiking and bird watching are excellent methods to become acquainted with the scene, and in some parts bikes and segways are also a hit. No matter which route beckons to you, thereís a rental or guide establishment that will set up you and your companions for a successful and adventurous day in this fertile and unique set of conditions.

When the sun goes down itís time to change things up a bit. Trade in the sunglasses and comfortable shoes for flashier duds as you make your way from club to club. Jazz, comedy, blues and more allow all tastes to be satisfied, so find a cozy corner for a little romance with your partner or hit the dance floor and make new friends. Itís all good here, as youíll soon see.

Top it all off by staying in accommodations that are as pleasing and slightly unconventional as this entire trip. Fort Lauderdale Vacation Rentals bring out the best in this playful land by accentuating its charms with a few of its own. Unique layouts, stunning views, and special features like patios, beach access, washers and dryers and fully-equipped kitchens make all the difference when it comes to enjoying every moment of this getaway.

Fort Lauderdale isnít the top choice for every vacationer, but you probably already know if youíre the kind of person who would enjoy a jaunt to this jovial town. Start planning early to achieve the best results, and prepare to find yourself floating in a sea of fun.

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