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Fort Myers Vacation Rentals
By Caitlin Moore

Snowbirds, families, couples, and generally anyone in need of a little sunshine-themed rest and relaxation have many options to sort through in the ever-ready vacation play land known as Florida. This panhandle is practically overflowing with possibilities, but even thought you wouldn’t go wrong with any number of places, it’s always nice to know that the place you’ve settled on is a tried and true locale. Fort Myers is a crowd pleaser but it hasn’t been trampled into obscurity either; picking out a comfy vacation rental and settling in for a few days could be exactly the scenario you seek.

Vacation condos and beach villas definitely have an edge. Convenience to the water as well as to historic downtown and the sprinkling of museums on hand will add depth to an otherwise mindless (in a good way) session of lounging, resting and having a good time. Come and go as you please from the home away from home that ultimately ends up calling out to you, and all will go smoothly.

Picture the feeling of waking up at your own convenience – no alarm clocks, no traffic jams awaiting you. grab a shower, a cup of coffee, a ray of sunlight on the back patio…grab whatever you need to make the transition into the day a pleasant one. The kitchen has everything necessary to whip up a quick breakfast before grabbing a towel and a paperback and heading down to the shore. This is one of the many possible ways to begin a sunny Fort Myers day, and there are many more hours left to fill.

Anything is possible. Take a picnic out on the boat. Go parasailing. Search for the ultimate souvenir by doing a little beachcombing. Head to the outlet malls for a bargain. Visit the winter homes of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford, taking in a bit of history by participating in a guided tour. Botanical gardens, parks, restaurants and even the nearby settlements of Sanibel, Captiva all make for fabulous diversions that will please your entire group.

Many villas, homes and condos in Fort Myers are practically destinations in themselves, providing enough comforts, amenities and surprises to entice renters to nest a little bit. Many properties contain Jacuzzi tubs, inviting living areas and access to swimming pools, thus it might turn out to be a common thing for everyone to socialize, play and relax without straying too far from home base. Family reunions and extended vacations fit especially well into unique vacation properties with bonus features, as everyone tends to unwind with the greatest of ease.

Besides the elbow room and prime locations that vacation rentals in Fort Myers tend to afford, there are also pluses like washers and dryers, pet-friendly policies, fold-out couches for extra visitors, and even boat docks. With dozens upon dozens of possible homes to choose from, it becomes easy to get lost online while perusing the pictures, descriptions and testimonials. It’s also easy to stumble upon the perfect place sooner or later, as there’s certainly one available to suit your needs and exceed your expectations.

The sooner the process is started, the better. Planning a trip that involves a Fort Myers Vacation Rental could actually be a fun experience, so begin setting it all in motion today.

Visit to view all the available vacation rentals here and across the world.

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