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Welcome to Miami
By Constance Blair

Miami, also known as “Magic city” is situated in the Southeastern part of Florida State, on the bank of Miami River, between marshes and the Atlantic Ocean. The city was founded relatively recently – in 1896. Since that time it has grown a lot and now belongs to the privileged caste of the cities with the very high level of life.

The city has a population of more than 3,5 millions and for the 2/3 of these millions native language is Spanish. Miami is often considered to be the gates to the United States, especially for the immigrant from Cuba.

Miami isn’t the safest city in the country. Moreover, it always holds the first place in all lists of the most dangerous cities in USA. Popular resort, Miami is full of easy-going tourists and rich businessmen – a good spoil for the criminals.

Big Miami includes Miami itself and Miami Beach. The most of the tourists choose Miami Beach. It’s an island (earlier it was a peninsula) 6 kilometers far from Miami. It’s a very prestigious place for holidays and is sometimes called “billionaires’ island”. Miami receives about 11 millions of tourists annually. Near Miami there are a number of small islands built with beautiful, luxury villas. As a resort Miami is known for its golden sand, clear blue sea, tropical climateIn winter it’s +20-22 C, it summer – up to +40 C. Beaches stretch 25 miles along the Atlantic Ocean coast. Miami, and especially Miami Beach, is full of luxury hotels, plain motels. White yachts of the richest local residents adorn the sea near the shore and symbolize their chic life style.

Among the local attractions we could name Oceanarium, Art Deco District, Everglades natural reserve – a paradise for the rare and unique plants and animals.

Bayfront Park is a picturesque natural reserve with fountains, sculptures and small boat harbors. In the northern part of it stands a huge shopping centre.

Florida with its Canaveron cape is one of the American Space centers along with Houston. When you are in Miami you have an opportunity to visit John F Kennedy Space Research Centre and see starting complexes and museums. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy one the most beautiful coral islands – Key West located near Miami. Police Museum is the only museum devoted to police in the world with such unique objects as gas chamber, electric chair, and police technical equipments.

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