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South Florida Atlantic Coast

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Biscayne Bay
By Niki Butcher-- Newsleter - The Muck-About Journal

The water of Biscayne Bay was smooth and reflected the early light of dawn. The boat skimmed over a lavender mirror of reflected light from the sky. Occasionally a flock of Ibis floated overhead on their way to feeding grounds, while beneath us the dolphins arched out of the water, playing with the bow wake of the boat. As we traveled toward the waters of Biscayne National Park, the sky began to fill with pink, puffy clouds. It was as if the world had reached it's perfection; the air, the sky, the water, and the earth, were in harmony...time seemed to stand still, and for a moment I had a small insight as to what eternity may be. I don't think there is anything more beautiful than an early morning on the water.

Clyde and I have always loved Biscayne Bay. I can remember the first time we sailed into Miami in 1979 and anchored at Key Biscayne Island. We were amazed that water this near a major city could be so clear and beautiful. Years later when we moved to Big Cypress National Preserve, Miami became "our" city. Living in a National Park and making the drive into a city the size of Miami overwhelms our senses. Miami is a busy place. It is only by taking a moment while we are in the city to sit and watch the bay before our souls relax and allow us to fall in love with Miami again. Without the beauty of Biscayne Bay, Miami would not be the extraordinary city that it is.

We have always assumed that the people of Miami and the surrounding area, know how lucky they are to be living near such a beautiful recreational resource...that thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people understand that going out to the wilderness is a necessity because it restores their souls so they can endure another day in civilization. However, since we first saw the bay in 1979, this precious recreational resource has become more and more stressed by the urban growth surrounding it. What a sad day it would be if Biscayne Bay were to die from pollution simply because we ignored our responsibility to this wonderful place.

When Ed Moure of the Biscayne Bay Foundation, asked Clyde if he would include Biscayne Bay in his photographic experiences, Clyde wholeheartedly agreed to join in the effort to help others understand the beauty of Biscayne Bay.

The concern over the future of Biscayne Bay, and it's wetlands, led a group of citizens, in 1996, to form the Biscayne Bay Foundation, a non-profit, private conservation organization with a mission to preserve and protect the bay from further deterioration. They also attempt to educate the community about this wilderness treasure at their back door. With the city of Miami facing severe budget deficits, it is important that the citizens understand the ecological, economic, and spiritual value of the bay. As Edward Abbey once said, "Wilderness complements and completes civilization. I might say that the existence of wilderness is also a compliment to civilization. Any society that feels itself too poor to afford the preservation of wilderness is not worthy of the name civilization."

One of the major issues facing not only Biscayne Bay, but also the Everglades National Park, and the upper Keys, is the possibility of a major international airport to be built at the former Homestead Air Force Base. As anyone who works, or lives, near a major airport can testify, the noise pollution, air pollution, and chemical run-off, which will cause water pollution, does not make for a pleasant life style. It dumbfounds Clyde and I that the idea was even contemplated to create an international airport whose flight path landing corridors are directly over two National Parks, and one State Park: Everglades National Park, Biscayne National Park and Pennekamp State Park. We realize that the city of Homestead sees a great economic boom in conjunction with an international airport, however we believe that within the next 5-10 years that economic boom will happen without an airport. The Homestead area will become the 'bedroom' community for Miami. We don't see the city of Homestead as a place filled with warehouses and manufacturing plants, which always associate themselves near airports. We see Homestead as a community who will grow in a similar way as Naples has, creating sophisticated communities built with thoughtful care enjoyed by people who love the peace and quiet which living in the midst of National Parks can bring. People who are willing to pay a good price for residence will not live in an area near an international airport. If the city of Homestead would look past the 'here and now' and look into their future they would see a beautiful, safe, and quiet community for their children, and their children's children, to live.

If you are interested in joining the Biscayne Bay Foundation you can write or call:
Biscayne Bay Foundation
Mr. Edwin Moure
1024 Almeria Ave
Coral Gables, Fl. 33134
fax (305)447-4599

Credit to and to read more by Niki Butcher visit - Big Cypress Gallery website


Miami, also known as “Magic city” is situated in the Southeastern part of Florida State, on the bank of Miami River, between marshes and the Atlantic Ocean. The city was founded relatively recently – in 1896. Since that time it has grown a lot and now belongs to the privileged caste of the cities with the very high level of life.

The city has a population of more than 3,5 millions and for the 2/3 of these millions native language is Spanish. Miami is often considered to be the gates to the United States, especially for the immigrant from Cuba.

Miami isn’t the safest city in the country. Moreover, it always holds the first place in all lists of the most dangerous cities in USA. Popular resort, Miami is full of easy-going tourists and rich businessmen – a good spoil for the criminals.

Big Miami includes Miami itself and Miami Beach. The most of the tourists choose Miami Beach. It’s an island (earlier it was a peninsula) 6 kilometers far from Miami. It’s a very prestigious place for holidays and is sometimes called “billionaires’ island”. Miami receives about 11 millions of tourists annually. Near Miami there are a number of small islands built with beautiful, luxury villas. As a resort Miami is known for its golden sand, clear blue sea, tropical climateIn winter it’s +20-22 C, it summer – up to +40 C. Beaches stretch 25 miles along the Atlantic Ocean coast. Miami, and especially Miami Beach, is full of luxury hotels, plain motels. White yachts of the richest local residents adorn the sea near the shore and symbolize their chic life style.

Among the local attractions we could name Oceanarium, Art Deco District, Everglades natural reserve – a paradise for the rare and unique plants and animals.... read more

Modern-day Miami is the idyllic vacation destination for most Americans as it is a balanced blend of urban and tropical, a resort locale on one hand with all the big city trimmings of a booming economy on the other. Small cafes and art deco bars of Miami Beach exist alongside the megaclubs and skyrise hotels of Downtown's Financial District. Somewhere in between, the Biscayne Bay Aquatic Preserve provides exciting sea adventures for the whole family and the Port of Miami supplies access to the Florida Keys and the Bahamas by way of major cruise more

Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale resembles Venice, Italy in a sunny, American kind of way thanks to the canal system that characterizes the landscape. It also has a healthy does of energy thanks to all the beach-themed revelry, fine weather and nightclubs that appear around every corner. In other words, if a vacation of peace, quiet and solitude is what you seek, this isn’t the place for you. It’s not exactly spring break city, either, but it is a destination that knows how to have a good time, day or night.

A couple dozen miles of breathtaking beach gives Fort Lauderdale the right to place itself among the holiday destination elite, especially when the promenades, palm trees, and pedestrian-friendly boardwalks are taken into account. Whether you jog, rollerblade, or walk barefoot, there’s a place that will allow fabulous views of the coastline – not to mention the other revelers who have come here in search of relaxation and more »

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