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Going To Southwest Florida For The Winter? Try These Hot Spots For Big Bass
By Charles White

Going To Florida For The Winter? Try These Places For Bass The Best Places In Southwest Florida To Fish

This is for those that go to Florida to get out of the cold and to fish for bass.

First, let me tell you a secret.......if you want more of a chance to catch a trophy size bass..10 pounds plus, try live shiners. For those like me, who wouldn't use a live bait even for a 20 pound bass then read on.

The Big T

Take Golden Gate Parkway to the end (going East) and turn left, go to Golden Gate Blvd. and turn right. Take Golden Gate Blvd to Everglades Blvd and turn right again. Take Everglades Blvd almost to the end and you'll see a primitive boat ramp on your left and usually some people fishing or camping. (about 8-10 miles from turning on this road)

Once you're in the water and heading out go to the right and fish that canal. I have caught some nice bass here using Zoom chartruese pepper lizard, Charlie's Twitchin Shad, salt and pepper and Berkly Blue fleck Power Worms.

Again, this is a great place to use shiners and have seen many 10 pound plus bass taken from here.

Golden Gate Canals

When on Golden Gate Parkway (not Blvd) and you're going east, you'll pass a bridge and see a big field with many cars or trucks on the right. You'll also see a primitive boat ramp. Put your boat in there and go left from the boat ramp. You'll come to a big opening, try fishing the little lake, so to speak there, then try the canals.

I have seen 10 pound plus bass taken from the little lake and canals both. Don't be surprised if you hook a nice tarpon or snook in the canals or lake, they are land locked and adapted to freshwater.

Again, for the live bait fisherman, this a great for shiners. I have used a Berkley Blue Fleck Worm, white buzzbaits and spinners here with great success.

Once you get to the main canal, you can go left again and go under the bridge and get to some good fishing where the canal bends about a mile from where you get in the main canal. It's pretty primitive out there with some nice fish.

Be careful right before you get to the bridge as sometimes it gets pretty shallow there. So go Slow by the bridge.

Seven Lakes

If you take 75 towards the east coast of Florida and go through the toll-booth, the next exit is route 29. Once you get there, turn right. Go about a hundred yards and you'll see a fence with a dirt road. There are seven little lakes there and any of them are good fishing. The one I like best is the last one on the right.

This again is great for shiners. I have caught bass on buzzbaits, spinners and Charlie's Twitchin shad there.

I heard the state might have closed this down to public fishing but it's worth checking out just incase they haven't.


What can you say about Okeechobee that hasn't been said? You have to try this huge lake. Shiners of course is the best bait but I had good look with Charlie's Twitchin Shad there and Zoom Lizards.

I like the East end of the lake the best.

Mile Marker 52 on 75

If you go toward the East coast on 75 from Naples, when you hit mile marker 75, you'll see an opening with a dirt road (pay attention or you'll miss it.), go down the dirt road and go under the bridge you just went over and launch your boat there.

Once in the water, go left (South), you'll see a big sign that says "no tresspassing". This is Indian property. Go on down the canal, but DO NOT FOR ANY REASON go on the land. The Indians own the land but not the waterways.

Start fishing on the left side of the canal. Try using a zoom Chartruese 6" Lizard. The water will be shallow at the edges but there is a shelf within a few feet that is like 10 foot deep.

This is without a doubt one of the best places I have ever fished for bass. It's nothing to catch 20 bass a day here. I have one that is 6 1/2 pounds from here. I kept it because a gator decided he wanted it too.

Oh yeah, that is another thing, there are thousands of gators in the canal here.

This is my list of places to fish in Southwest Florida.

Try them, I think you'll like them.

Good Fishing To you!

Charles E. White has fished 50 years for bass from California to Florida. In his lifetime, it is estimated that he has caught over 6,000 bass. His biggest bass is a 12 pound 14 ounce that hangs on his wall in his office. His tips and techniques have helped many people who have never fished for bass before become successful anglers. He also has fished with the Pros in Florida. His website is at:

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