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South Florida Everglades

This information is part of many websites provided by Florida Media Link covering the Everglades and the Ten Thousand Islands area of Florida. "The Everglades and the Ten Thousand Islands is a rare and beautiful place. It is one of North America's unsung wild places - a beautiful, rugged, subtropical landscape experienced by a relatively few adventurous souls each year"...This site provides travel and vacation information for those adventurous souls who are interested in visiting the Florida Everglades!

Turner River
by Niki Butcher from her Newsleter - The Muck-About Journal

It seemed easy…launch the canoe on Turner River and canoe down to the mangroves. Oscar and Clyde set out with the intention of photographing two things: the bromeliads that cover the mangrove tunnels along the river, and the mangrove roots as they arch down into the sand along the banks of the river. The fact that Clyde wanted to photograph the mangroves as they disappeared into the sand meant the guys had to go down the river when the water was low. They had NO idea what that would mean….

After launching the canoe they only paddled up stream for about 300 feet when the water became to shallow for a canoe. The area was covered with gators because it was the only water of any significance around! Taking courage in the fact that Oscar was a 'gator hunter when he was young, Clyde boldly got out of the canoe and began to walk…actually, sloshing. Every step made a slosh-popping sound as they lifted their legs out of the mud. Every once in awhile they'd think, "this is just too much…we'll never get there!" Then either Oscar or Clyde would encourage the other and they'd carry on. At one point Clyde looked down just as he began to step on what he thought was a rock in the mud. The rock began to move, the mud oozing, and then an Alligator Snapping turtle appeared. He took one look at Clyde and swam away. Oscar said that Clyde was very lucky he had stepped on the rear of the turtle, if it had been the front, the turtle would have bit him. Alligator Snapping turtles don't let go. The only way to get them to let go is to cut their heads off! With that wonderful news, Clyde began to watch carefully where he was going.

As they entered the area of the river where the mangrove tunnels are located they found orchids, bromeliads, and wonderful arching mangrove roots. The photographic opportunities were so vast that all the discomfort of reaching the area disappeared…until they remembered they had to walk back!

As they walked back, Clyde didn't think he was going to make it. He figured he'd be spending the night in the canoe with the mosquitoes. Every once in a while he'd climb into the canoe and push with one foot while Oscar pulled the canoe. The trip took seven hours. If they had been able to canoe the entire distance it would have taken about 1-½ hours. Needless to say, when they reached home, they had a good story and a sound sleep!

Credit is provide to and to read more by Niki Butcher visit - Big Cypress Gallery website

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