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Imagine Yourself in Key West
By Caitlin Moore

Youíve almost reached your breaking point. The walls of your cubicle seem to be closing in on you as you are handed yet another deadline. At home, the laundry and dishes pile up out of nowhere, and you never have the time to catch up. Youíve come to dread the details of modern life; traffic jams, annoying cell phone rings, and your evil, ever-glowing alarm clock. You know that a break will do you good; just a few days spent away from here will be all that youíll need to maintain your sanity for another year or so.

The antidote to your situation, the salve for your wounds, lies just a few miles out to sea. Casually perched at the very southwest end of the Florida Keys, barely associating itself with the rest of the country, Key West exists as a haven for tired souls. You will arrive looking downtrodden and perhaps a bit pale, but it wonít be long before the flush of youth has returned to your cheeks and youíve rediscovered the relaxed, fun-loving person that you used to be. Key Westerners love to loosen people up, so book your flight and start stretching.

Now that youíve built this vacation on such a lofty pedestal, donít blow it by reserving a gamble of a hotel room that you know nothing about. Before you start to look for an amazing place to stay, just close your eyes and visualize what you want. A bed bigger than your city apartment? Sounds great. Close proximity to the beach and all the hot nightspots? Of course. A shady porch with a rocking chair that reminds you of your grandma? Whatever you like.

Key West is all about pleasure and distinctiveness, so donít be surprised if the place you have imagined actually exists. The bedspreads might not be your favorite color, but during your time on this quirky island of positive vibes, youíll learn that some things just donít matter.

But getting back to your quaint cottage, do you realize that itís located just down the street from Ernest Hemingwayís house? The palm trees out front and the fenced garden in back give your place a sense of seclusion that a tormented writer would appreciate, yet you are also very near to Duval Street, Mallory Square, and the Historic Lighthouse. Sample all the fun and excitement Key West has to offer by touring the sights and then singing to the sun as it takes its evening plunge. Sample a margarita or two with all your newfound friends, and then return ďhomeĒ for the best sleep you can ever remember having.

The next glorious morning, hop out of bed whenever you feel like it and then make yourself a quick cup of coffee in the charming little kitchen while you relish the fact that youíre not reading the newspaper or checking your email. Put on your swimsuit, which is the only thing youíll be wearing all day, and head to the beach. Itíll take you all of five minutes to walk there, and before you know it youíll be splashing in the surf like a five-year old, goofy grin and all. Congratulations, youíve officially left it all behind.

Later in the day you can go snorkeling or kayaking, as youíll surely have recovered your natural born strength and zest for life by now, and then participate in whatever festival, boat race, or artistically-themed activity is going on. Thereís always something in Key West, so just go with the flow.

If youíve now convinced yourself that itís time to get your passport stamped by the Conch Republic, youíll need to go online to claim that elegant little bungalow that you know, in your heart, exists.

Visit to peruse the extensive vacation rental listings, and reserve the one thatís right for you to guarantee a successful trip.

It wonít be too hard to find it, so break yourself away from the daily grind for just a few minutes and reserve the Key West Vacation Rental that has been waiting for you for so long.

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