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Florida Keys

For more information about the Florida Keys visit Key West Online

Key West Florida
Key West is a part of the Lower Keys and is known as the southernmost city in Florida. More commonly known as the Conch Republic, it is a seaport and a favorite tourist destination too. The climatic conditions are mild and resemble the Caribbean islands, making the island an automatic choice for more about Key West

Key Largo Florida
There are some unique features found in Key Largo. The major attractions are the Everglades National Park, African Queen, Jacobs Aquatic Center, Airboat tours and Under Sea Park.

There is plenty of fishing. You can choose a fishing charter and exhibit your talents as an angler. If you dive or snorkel, you are sure to find huge treasures hidden beneath the more about Key Largo

Would you die for a romantic getaway where your boss can’t find you? Less than two hours south from Ft. Lauderdale International Airport, or an hour closer from Miami, is the laid back community of Key Largo. With a reputation for die-hard beer guzzling fishermen and no frills accommodations, most travelers pass it by on their way to Key West. Don't be fooled by what you see and don't see from the roadside.

There are secluded millionaire homes, as well as reasonably priced secluded Bed and Breakfasts that will welcome you with everything from eclectic air conditioned private suites to your own private sandy cove for watching the awesome sunsets you'll only see in the Florida Keys. No I do not work for their Chamber of Commerce.

Hidden behind trees and down winding gravel roads to the sea, if you miss the Mile Markers on the road, you’ll pass these hideaways and never know they're more about Key Largo Florida

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