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Stewing Around Stuart, Florida
By Nicholas Jurkowski

Stuart, Florida is a compact but beautiful little town on the Treasure Coast that sits on a peninsula jutting out into the St. Lucie River. Stuart has a prodigious amount of shoreline for its small size, and offers a wide variety of activities for the pleasure-seeker. Additionally, it is only five miles away from the treasure coast, as well as all its deep-sea fishing opportunities and sunken Spanish treasure ships. Naturally, there is also hiking, swimming, kayaking, and beachcombing – in short, everything you could do at a beach. The best part about Stuart, however, is its historic downtown district.

The downtown district of Stuart has pretty much all you can hope for. There are plenty of small shops and restaurants. As a matter of fact, there are over 80 restaurants, art galleries, antique shops, gift shops, and clothing stores. On top of the more traditional establishments, you will also find the B&B Thrift Shop, which is the oldest on the treasure coast, and has a bit of a street-bazaar feel to it. For the history (and exercise) conscious, there is a small self-guided walking tour – pamphlets are available at many locations throughout the town. In addition to the consumer-oriented attractions, you will find places of historical interest, like the old county courthouse, which has been converted into “The Cultural Court House Center,” and now shows art exhibits. Other attractions include the newly restored Lyric Center, which offers free musical performances. Historic Downtown Stuart is without a doubt the most quaint neighborhood on the Treasure Coast.

Naturally, no trip to a quaint historic downtown district (be it in Stuart or anywhere else) is as good as it can possibly be unless you take the trip in a luxury vehicle from Millenium Limo. After all, what is the point of going to Stuart if not to relax? And everyone knows the best way to relax: in a limousine. Wherever your plans might take you, look to Millenium for your transportation needs.

Nick Jurkowski is a senior editor for The essays above can be found on his night life blog, The Urban Adventure Blog, which is updated daily.

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